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01:29 pm: lucius
john was moving into his new apartment. his third since he got lucius, his squirrel. lucius had been gift from his ex-girlfriend, a break-up present if you will. it was all brown save for a "racing" white strip that ran from the tip of his nose all the way to the tip of his short little tail. john figured he had a short tail due to an accident or something similar. he never asked patty where she got the squirrel, he was more concerned about her leaving him than the squirrel, and always wondered if she had it with the car or something similar. he could have let the squirrel go, and saved himself so much trouble but something did not let him. he kept lucius and after being thrown out of two apartment buildings he thought he had finally found an adequate one. it was a loft, with high ceilings. "perfect" john said as he moved in. all he had was a bed cover that was to be his bed, and one single pan to cook. everything else he had was sold to make the down payment on the apartment.

On the first night everything was fine. john slept next to lucius and for the first time since he had met him, lucius slept the whole night. john woke to find lucius next tim him sleeping. he was so cute as he slept. his tiny snores rattled the windows. john was surprised also that for the first time lucius had not grown anymore. had he finally reached squirrel adulthood. for the past three months lucius had been on a non-stop growth spurt. john was used to waking up and seeing a bigger lucius, and it was worrying him that if he had continued, he would have problems again. he prepared all the lettuce and vegetables aroudn the house so that lucious would spend some time looking for it and pass the time a little easier while john worked.

john worked as an accountant/assistant for his would have been father-in-law. now a days he was more of a copy boy more than anything. he salary had not changed so he didn't mid it so much. as long as he could pay for lucius' food, everything would be allright. he left for work, anxious to see lucius. he stopped by the supermarket first to get some food. he took a cartload of cabbage, and another of lettuce. finally he also decided to buy a third of planter's nuts. people murmured around him as he passed them by and a little girl pointed at him. she had pigtails and looked like a very mean little girl. but john didn't care, he was used to it. shopping for lucius was always like that.

as he drove home, he started seeing cars accumulating. "a traffic jam? inside a neighborhood? i wonder...LUCIUS!" john got out of the car and started running towards his apartment complex. there was a throng of people gathered around the 15 storied building. looking up at the building, where his apartment window used to be was a gaping hole, and on top of the building was lucius. scared, twitching back and forth was the now-30 feet squirrel. john called out to him. "Lucius!!!!" but the squirrel didn't hear him. Lucius jumped up, as if performing a spectacular dive and then "FLAP!" it opened its legs far and wide and webbing between its legs seemed to open. it was a flying squirrel.

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